Navisworks compare functionality 1

Recently when I gave a training in Navisworks we got to the compare functionality. As We were ahead of schedule I decided to explorer the function a bit further than what the official training course ware showed. The book has a rather lame exercise. 

Probably anyone who worked on a project that received models or drawings from anyone else has wondered: What changed! This blog post is about using Navisworks to find these changes.

Here a screenshot from the model in revit which, via nwc, i’ll take to Navisworks. In Navisworks I have done the following: Add a groundplane and save the file as an nwf. Next I have published the file as an nwd. 

Back to Revit: Here I have added 3 walls (the green ones). See picture

I have overwrittten the nwc file and I refreshed in Navisworks. Next I appended the previously published nwd file. I select the new nwc file and the nwc embedded in the nwd file. After select you can start the compare.

First compare will look for unique Ids. I have checked all the results for now. These settings will give me put all geometry that only exist in one of the compared files into a selection set and it will put geometry with the same ids in the two files into a separate selection set.
So now we can find new geometry. What about deleted geometry? I’ll delete a  floor in Revit and I will overwrite the nwc file (the nwd file remains unchanged) I leave the setting the same. Navisworks also detects deleted geometry and puts this in a selection set.

So now we can find new and deleted geometry.

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Navisworks compare functionality 1

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