Navisworks compare functionality 2

This post is continuing on an earlier post.

In my previous post I noticed in the sets panel that naming you nwc files a bit better is important if you want to make any sense out of the results.

To keep things a bit clear I am going to change the geometry of a complete different wall in Revit.

See the wall in Revit here

Notice the opening in the wall. I’ll create a nwc file of the status now.
Next I’ll remove the opening and I’ll am going to let Navisworks find this change. After the opening has been removed I’ll create a NEW nwc. (don’t override the previous one) 
Append both nwc files and run a compare with the following settings

Nottice the selection set that are created. We need the selection sets that are labeled: Differences

Every difference is found twice! You should read it as follows. Compare:Differences:Wolwevershaven V02.nwc it marks all the geometry that is different in this file compared to the Wolwevershaven.nwc

The second set also shows the differences in Wolwevershaven.nwc compared to Wolwevershaven V02.nwc.

Combine these selection set with unhide selected and things become a bit more clear.

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Navisworks compare functionality 2

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