Model review part 2 – Walls

This blog is about evaluating a revit file with the tools I got at my disposal

The goal is to find those objects that Revit users have done wrong or are inadequate. The tools I will use are:

  1. The warning system in Revit (WSR)
  2. The Autodesk Revit model review extension (RMR)
  3. Navisworks (NWS)
Errors to find:
1. Walls overlapping
2. Duplicate walls
3. Walls smaller than 1 meter high and higher than 5 meter

I tried running these tools on a real project from a client but these gave so much feedback that it was hell to sift through.

So I started with an empty project so I can create the errors in a controlled manor. I want to be able to automatically find those with the tools mentioned above.

As the title suggest lets start with walls. Below you see 3 walls in Revit and the same 3 walls in Navisworks.
Error 1:

1. WSR finds this error
2. RMR does not find the duplicate wall
3. NWS finds it as a clash but in order to find it you have to set the clash in such a way that every wall join registers as a clash. (It would be great if anyone had some tips)

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Model review part 2 – Walls

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