Last week I was preparing a workshop for navisworks and I wanted to show certain things from the timeliner. I wanted to build up my model as planned. This is of course no problem but I wanted to do this with the use of searchsets. Creating searchsets can be quiet a repetitive tedious task. suddenly it struck me that if I export the first good searchset to xml I might be able to easily edit the xml file with an xml editor. I tried a few and found that so far I think I like notepath++ the best.

In the picture you see a searchset used to select all the outer parts of the first level. I need more searchsets to link it with planning. I need 3 per level for the facade. Its a 17 story building. It will take a while to create all the needed ones

I exported the three searchsets and open the xml file into notepath++ 

You are not seeing all off the searchsets I collapsed two for the screenshot. Take a look at the xml code. I don’t pretend to know all the the code that is in there but you do recognize the stuff you entered in Navisworks. You can copy and paste the searchsets and edit them manually. If you want to copy a searchset you have to copy form <selectionset…..> to </selectionset…..> be aware not to take the one that says <selectionsets> all the sets you copy paste have to be in between the <selectionsets> and </selectionsets>

now I could copy paste this one 17 times. The most important part for me is to change the name and the level. Do a find and replace on the name and the level.

One thing there is a guid in every searchset first I changed it. Later I didn’t bother and it still seemed to work fine. I still think it would be a good idea to change it anyways. You only need to change one letter or number. Just increment them by one number or letter.

Save the file and reimport it into a Navisworks. you should have a whole bunch of worksets

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