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Recently I was looking through the search queries that people use with which they get to my site. I noticed that people were looking for the Revit origin. Well haven’t we all? Before 2010 we used to import a small Autocad symbol drawing, origin to origin.

Since Revit 2010 it’s possible to make it visible:

  1. Start the default metric template
  2. goto level 1
  3. goto visibility and graphics
  4. goto the model category site
  5. expand the plus sign
  6. turn on the project base point and the survey point.

The Project base point and the survey point are both at the revit origin. Be aware that these icons are a percentage of the screen so zooming in and out has no effect.

(i moved the survey point to the left just for the image)

If you need to coordinate your model with for example civil 3D you would need to make some adjustments to the survey point. The revit survey point becomes your civil 3D dwg 0.0 point. More info on that on
If you ever need to make changes to these point but you want your model not to be affected, click on the paperclip, make the change, and click on the paperclip again.

good luck, contact me if you have questions.

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Revit Origin

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