Revit vs Navisworks nwc files

This blog was written at 19 juni 2012.

At 21 juni 2012 Autodesk released service pack 1

At 22 juni 2012 the nwcs were tested again and still are in favour of creating nwc from Revit.

At 17 mei 2013 the nwcs were tested again from Revit 2014 and Navisworks 2014 and still are in favour of creating nwc from Revit.

When I say create a nwc from Revit I mean from Revit go to application menu, export, NWC

Revit seems to create better nwc files when you are using parts than Navisworks does.

Navisworks 2013 supports rvt files. Ofcourse navisworks creates a ncw file from the rvt file as it would do with many other files. Previously nwc files were always created from an extension inside revit.

When you created an nwc file from revit it always looked like revit actually accessed the options from Navisworks it self. Recent experiences have lead me to believe this is not the case.

I first ran into this problem when I was creating a presentation about revit parts and how nicely they show up in navisworks using the material name.

I noticed the following:

Setup: a revit project from which I have created a nwc file and I have set the export options as follows: (the nwc is called nwc by Revit.nwc)

The same revit file appended in navisworks with these options: (Project 1.rvt)

Notice there is a difference in the options here.

Here you see both files in Navisworks and take a look at the where the parts are in the tree and the missing parts and names in the Project 1.rvt .

The wall is setup like this in Revit and the wall has been turned in to parts. There is a Navsiworks 3D view set to show parts. The same view has been used when I created the nwc in Revit.

Conclusion: At this moment (19 juni 2012) Revit creates better nwc files when it comes down to parts.


The properties in the element tab also differ in favour of how revit creates the nwc file.

Here you see the same Revit properties of the same part

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Revit vs Navisworks nwc files

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