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Last week I gave a course in Navisworks to someone who works in Inventor on a daily basis. He models bridges in Inventor. He told me he was most likely going to work together on projects with Civil 3D and Revit files. I asked him how he was going to get his bridge on the right coordinates. After a few more question I learned that Inventor does share some of Revit’s problems with working far from it’s own origin. Inventor does not have a project base point and survey point you can set up like Revit can. This pretty much means that an inventor file will never end up on the right coordinates unless you setup a point together.

Having quiet some experience with trying to get revit files on the right coordinates I thought let’s try this methode for inventor, except the revit bit.

Goal: Inventor file to the right coordinate in Navisworks

Steps: Autocad
open the dwg from the site
  1. choose a easily recognizable point as a project basepoint
  2. use the ID command in autocad to find it’s xyz values
  3. create a symbol, I prefere a circle with a cross, and place that ontop of the choosen point. (I made myself a dynamic block with fields that read the xyz value)
  4. move the symbol to the nearest round value. Technically you could go to 3 digits behind the comma, but I suggest you don’t. (here is a little difference between Revit and Inventor workflow.
  5. Measure the rotation from the positive x axis to the orientation of how the inventor file needs to be rotated. Do not us more than 3 digits behind the comma and round the number properly. Record this rotation!
  6. This location is going to be the project base point
  7. copy the ID value of this point and paste it into notepath
  8. Save the drawing
Steps: Inventor
The inventor origin is going to be on top of the project base point you have setup up above. (finding the inventor origin is something you have to do yourself, maybe you do it in Inventor yourself or try importing a dwg with a symbol at the Autocad 0.0)
  1. Create your Inventor model relatively to Inventor origin
Steps: Navisworks
  1. Append the aim file to the Navisworks model
  2. Select the aim file in the selection tree
  3. Right mouse button and go to units and transform
  4. Fill in the coordinates 

Notice: fill in these values in meters! In red I have put which field is which. At arrow 3 you can add the proper rotation of the file. Arrow 2 indicates which axis will be used to rotate the model around. Be aware 1 means the axis is used. If you would add another 1 in the x box than the model will be rotated around both axis at the same time.

The Inventor model should be at the right position!

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Inventor to Navisworks

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