reference planes visibility

Someone asked me the other day how can I make a reference plane visible in a level if the level is created afterwards and above the extends of the reference plane.

Having never had this problem before I thought it would work the same as a gridline. No, not entirely

If you select the reference plane and you propagate the extends it does not see the new level. See image
Level 3 was created after the reference plane. By default you don’t get to see the reference plane in the new level.

I remembered suddenly that scope boxes have the ability to change the extends of gridlines and reference planes.
  1. Create a scopebox in a level
  2. Select a reference plane
  3. Go to the instance properties and set to the scopebox
  4. Propagating the extends of the reference planes will now show the ‘new levels’
  5. Create a section over the scopebox if you want to change the height of the scopebox later
  6. With the scope box you can control also later if you want to see a the reference plane on a level
  7. You can have multiple scope boxes


Visibility of gridlines and reference planes is easier to control with the use of a scopebox.

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reference planes visibility

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