Revit and IFC

A common misconception is that Autodesk wants to undermine IFC. There is a lot of mud throwing between ADSK users and IFC zealots. Looking at the improvements ADSK is making to better support open standards like IFC. I would like to add my bit to the big discussion. (everything written in blue is mine the rest is provided by Autodesk)

This information comes from Autodesk. 

Autodesk Revit 2013 is:

  • IFC v2x3 certification ( re-certified)
  • IFC export Add-In supporting 2×4 standard
  • Increased IFC open source customization : creation of own features possible
  • Local IFC requirements differs
  • Autodesk committed for IFC : full team works on this
  • New element types can now be exported
  • Support for workflows
  • Export as solids : more possibilities
More elements supported for export 

.NET Open Source code released for Quasar 
2D Plan view export no longer offset from 3D Geometry 
Always export True North to IFC 
Beam Length fixed for certain beams on export 
Beams never extruded upwards 
Better Geometry splitting for elements allows for fewer surface models 
Coordination View 2.0 (CV2) improvements 
IFC export has added a number of improvements for Coordination View 2.0. 
“Current View Only” export now works in any model view 
“Current View Only” mode has been fixed and now has extra functionality. 
Doors with nested openings export opening 
Export Assemblies 
Export PSet_BuildingCommon 
Export Filled Regions 
Export Parts 
Export Uniformat information as IfcClassification and fcClassificationReference 
GSA export support 
IFCExportAs shared parameter accepts “IfcWallStandardCase” as valid value 
Internal Revit property set names no longer have “PSet_Revit_” prefix on export 
Light Source no longer exported for lighting fixtures 
MEP Plumbing Fixtures exported as IfcFlowTerminal 
Multi-story stairs have correct properties 
Postal Address is parsed in the Location 
Slab base quantities are only exported for COBIE or QTO 
Split by level option exports geometry below the lowest level 
Unit specification for Mass corrected 


Fix normal of slightly non-planar faces 

Prevent creation of illegal faces in imported geometry 
Space geometry not imported as in-place family solid 
Text Font not always set correctly 
But more important is that Autodesk made an api for ifc so everyone could create their own importer / exporter if needed.
next to that:
BuildingSMART International Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) version 2×3 is now certified for Revit. Revit supports global industry standards including GSA specific classifications and property sets for building management and energy analysis. Open source Revit IFC exporter enables you to submit updates and at any time the exporter can be updated to support emerging standards.  
The BIM Open Source Project now controls the code for the Revit STL and IFC Exporter. You can propose changes to the IFC exporter, fix bugs, or enhance the code base to support regional requirements, allowing you to collaborate more effectively with third-party applications to support design workflows.
Bottom Line:  Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) for Revit provides greater support for industry and government standards.
Conclusion we are not the enemy 🙂

Revit and IFC

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