Revit 2 Vault 2 buzzsaw 2 Ipad 2

I am preparing a Vault workshop for a client. Part of the workshop is being able to work together. 

I set out to create the following. I want to get revit Files into Vault. When I get them into vault I would like to be able to share them with other project participants. So I setup Vault to communicate with Buzzsaw. This took a while because of minor details you need to know. I got great help from my distributor! Next I thought if I get it to buzzsaw I might as well try to view it on my Ipad.

The odd but nice part is that I can view the revit file with ease but the generated dwfs or dwfx’s seem to have a problem.

Below a picture with the same sheet open in different applications:

  1. Revit Structure 2013
  2. Vault collaboration for AEC 2013
  3. Buzzsaw 2013 (the client app)
  4. Buzzsaw for Ipad

And not the least many patches service packs hotfixes and tweaks. No I only have to figure out why the dwfs don’t work atm. Htere is more to the workshop than only this but it’s certainly nice when you finally get a configuration working.

Revit 2 Vault 2 buzzsaw 2 Ipad 2

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