Publish the shared coordinate system

I got my hands on the revit files for the Millenium supermarket. In this Revit architecture files are two links: A MEP file and A structure file.

If I export the file to nwc (navisworks cache file) everything is exactly at the position it is supposed to be. But most of the time every discipline tends to create their own nwc. If you do this for this file you’ll get the following result

NWC created from Revit with all the links loaded

NWC created from every discipline separately

Above in blue the entire supermarket selected 

Above in blue only the architectural model from the supermarket selected 
Above in blue the structural + mep model from the supermarket selected

Now how did that happen?
The  structural + mep model are not modelled at the same coordinates as the architectural model. Now this can be fixed. Personally I think this should have been set before modelling. See one of my previous post about shared coordinates: 

Above I have the Architectural model and the structural model open. Notice that the survey points are in different locations. That’s why the separate nwc end up on different coordinates in navisworks. If you reconcile the shared coordinate system from the Architectural model to the structural model and the MEP model you can get the separate nwc files onto the right position.

Publish the shared coordinate system

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