Revit snaps

Today I want to share a very tiny and simple trick. Have you ever had an autocad drawing under you revit model and you needed to use some of the autocad lines for modelling something.

Ofcourse you start out with turning of unnecessary layers of the dwg. But sometimes you need many of them to stay on. Next you try the pick lines tools and you are tapping like a madmen on the TAB key to try and select the lines. Some Autocad drawings won’t let you get the result you want from the pick lines tool. After some tries you might think, okay I’ll do it the old fashioned way and I’ll trace over the lines myself.

When you start tracing you might notice you seem to only get an intersection snap… ofcourse you know you could press ‘se’ to force an endpoint snap. You will probably have to do it everytime and that might get tedious.

If you turn all snaps off (i normally tend to have them all on) and some other auto features you will probably see you won’t have to use the override command so often.

Don’t forget to turn the snap back on when you are done.

Revit snaps

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