More Mullions

Earlier I have written about mullions. The main focus was on rectangular mullions and the profiles you can use for these.

Circular mullions 

aren’t all that different than the rectangular. There are some type parameters that are different and quiet self explaining.

You see there is also the possibility to use a profile. This works the same as rectangular mullions.

There is also a setting that let you set the position to perpendicular to face or parallel to ground. The effect of parallel to ground is best seen in a sloped glazing with rectangular mullions.

L Corner mullions
Notice the type properties of this curtain wall. When you place the wall like below you will get a warning that there are duplicate mullions and that those will be deleted. You are probably better of setting the borders to none if you need corner mullions and apply the mullions yourself.
Check the type properties of the L corner mullion.
Here you can change the size of the corner mullion. No profiles here!
Quad corners mullions
these are good to use for corners that are not 90 degrees. Here you can change the size of the corner mullion. No profiles here either!
Trapezoid Mullions
behave slightly different. It’s not right away apparent where the parameters are. The center width is the odd one.
V corner mullions
Are also good to use for non perpendicular corners.

More Mullions

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