Navisworks selections methodes

A little while ago I stumbled upon a selection feature in Navisworks that was new to me. When you want to select something in Navisworks you have of course the following options:

  • Select
  • Select box
  • You probably know that if you have the select methode you can press the space bar to make a selection window like the select box functionality
    The selection box always works like a selection window in Autocad. It does not matter if you draw the window from left to right or right to left. It only selects objects that are completely inside the selection window. A little while ago I had a finger resting on the shift key while trying to use the select with the spacebar and suddenly I got a crossing selection….????
    I do not recall anybody mentioning this when they were explaining the new features. Maybe it has been in the program for years. I looked at two different official courseware books. I couldn’t not find the feature. So for you if you want to make a crossing selection like Autocad in Navisworks press the shift and the spacebar together and drag a window. 

     select + spacebar and draw this window

     will select this:

    select + shift + spacebar and draw the same window will select this:

    Navisworks selections methodes

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