Revit files and Revit LT

Lately I get more question about Revit files opening in Revit LT. According to the documentation it should not be a problem opening Revit files in Revit LT.

A little while ago I did receive a complaint about a Revit file not being able to open in Revit LT. I actually thought it would be a version problem. Maybe he tried to open an revit 2013 file in 2012. That doesn’t work of course. He wasn’t allowed to send the file so I do not know what really was wrong with the file.

I also considered maybe he got a central file from a 2013 project and he tries to open that in Revit LT and ofcourse Revit LT does not support worksharing. But to my surprise if you try to open a revit workshared file (central file) with LT it right away makes a copy of the file with LT added to it’s name.

But what is even more surprising it leaves the central file intact. With that I mean I saved the central file in Revit LT and next I open the same file in it’s bigger brother. Big Revit says right away: Would you like to create a new local? In other words, you are trying to open a central file. Revit LT doesn’t throw away the worksets!

When you have opened the file take a look at the worksharing display

Revit LT has created it’s own workset… called Revit LT user

Revit LT does another other interesting thing when you open a central file
It creates a backup folder with slog files. These slog files you can open with notepath. 
slog entry:
 journal=”C:UsersDGiAppDataLocalAutodeskRevitAutodesk Revit LT 2013Journalsjournal.0017.txt”
 host= “PS-14X”
 server= “PS-14X”
 central=”C:Revit ProjectsGroninger_Daniel_LT.rvt”
 local=”C:Revit ProjectsGroninger_Daniel_LT.rvt”

$0250a23d 2013-03-25 20:11:26.552 >Open

$0250a23d 2013-03-25 20:11:26.562 >Open:Local  “C:Revit ProjectsGroninger_Daniel_LT.rvt”

$0250a23d 2013-03-25 20:11:26.678 .Open:Local:LFV  central=105 local=1

$0250a23d 2013-03-25 20:11:26.692 .Open:Local:Progress  lo=0 hi=40144387 “progress-4abcdac8.tmp”

$0250a23d 2013-03-25 20:11:28.430

$0250a23d 2013-03-25 20:11:28.440

$0250a23d 2013-03-25 20:11:28.450

$b0ce61fa 2013-03-25 20:11:28.563 >Session  $b0ce61fa

This also makes me wonder what happens if I open a local file from a workshared project, change something and save it, reopen it it’s bigger brother and try to sync the changes.
  • It right away creates a new file with LT appended to it
  • IT also turns this local file into a central file…. Oops
In other words: You are working in the central file! The BIM manager is going to make a voodoo doll and hurt you 🙂

I suggest that companies who work in a workshared environment and they need to cooperate with another company who works in Revit LT that they do the following:
  • You give the other company a detached file from your central and tell them to link this file into a new project. In that project file they do their thing. (Do not just give them your local file, it will slow their project down)
  • Detach and discard worksets

  • The Revit LT company can give you their file and you can link it in your workshared project. (on it’s own workset)

This suggestion may differ depending on what they need to do. Just bare in mind that companies mixing Revit and Revit LT takes carefull planning and communication. IT’s not undo able just be aware of the limitations. 

Revit files and Revit LT

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