Scope Box vs Project North

This is blogpost number fifty. I have been thinking a bit what would be an appropriate topic for number 50. I like to think I know quiet a bit about Revit. But recently I ran into a feature of Revit for which I am pretty sure that it has existed since Revit Building 8.1. I haven’t paid much attention to this feature  because I didn’t really see a use for it at the time. So this blogpost is going to be about scopeboxes.

I got a question from someone about grids that triggered me to have a look at scopeboxes. During this little investigation I ran into a feature from scopeboxes I did not know about. Scopeboxes can orient the view to be come orthogonally. See the image below. In the right big view you see two gridpatterns and two scope boxes. 

For the lower left view, I have set a scopebox active in the view’s instance properties. See below for how.
This feature makes me rethink about adding project north to a project. I have been writing a lot about coordinates, Project North and True North. I can’t say I am a particular fan of rotating the model for Project North.

I draw the scopebox as follows:
Notice that you can only draw the scopebox orthogonally to the view
Rotate the scope box by selecting the scope box and place the origin on a grid intersection
Start rotating from horizontal
Rotate towards a gridl line you want to become horizontal
Select the gridlines and assign them to a scopebox
Go to the instance properties of a view 
Go to extends and set by scopebox the appropriate scopebox
Notice that the view orients it self orthogonally! Also when you apply a scopebox to a view then you can no longer have control over the cropbox the way you were used to. The crop box can only be turned of visually. The cropbox is now controlled by the scopebox. Be aware if you asign a scopebox to a section view or elevation view that the controls of those views are asigned to the scopebox. Also be aware that for some views the visibility of the scopeboxes have been turned of. You may edit this by selecting the scopebox.
Scopeboxes also have a height. Make sure that it’s set appropriately. 
I haven’t fully made up my mind about using scopeboxes for project north but I will investigate it further and I would very much like to hear your thougths about them.

Scope Box vs Project North

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