Lines of overhead beams

Recently I was asked again about overhead lines. We want to see dashed lines from beams above our head on the floorplan we are looking at. It would be really great if beams and floor openings would get the same status / settings as caseworks. 

Since this is not the case we have to deal with this problem. A thought occurred to me, since this client uses a lot of links why not try and use a designated view to tackle this problem.

The setup: I have an architectural and a structural model. see image below

The architectural file has two thin floor slabs and the structural file has beams, columns and structural floors. The structural file is linked into the architectural file.
I want to get this in the architectural file. You see I have the view level 0 open and I see the beams from level 1 dashed and red. I specifically did not model any beams on level 0 to avoid showing the wrong thing)

In the image above you see what we want to see in the architectural file

Here you see the visibility and graphics tab of level 0 in the architectural file. Notice that it links to a view from the structural file. This view is specifically setup to only show beams and and it has the graphic overrides. It also has specific viewranges…. Unfortunately In the custom view I can only set the viewrange for linked view or host view. The host view will not work because those are a level to low. The linked view might not work because of viewdepth settings. Basically the architectural modeller has to ask the structural modeller to create specific views for him. In this case that’s not really a problem. In other cooperative designs it might not be so easy to ask this. But with the 2014 release you could facilitate these views within a couple of minutes. 

So the structural modeller has to do the following:

  • create a view type for floorplans
  • create a viewtemplate for this view
  • let new views of this type link to this viewtemplate

and the last this he would have to do is create views for all requested levels.

The important thing I had to do to get this to work was to set the viewdepth deep enough. See image, this setting worked for this model.
In the architectural file I had to do this to get it to work:
  1. go to visibility and graphics
  2. go to tab Revit links
  3. click on the button by host view
  4. set the first tab to by linked view
  5. chose the linked view
If you want you could even override settings of the linked file again. Do so in the model tab if you need to. I know this method only works when you use linked files and it works better if the structural engineer is willing to help. Have fun and if you have a better way please don’t hesitate to tell me.

Lines of overhead beams

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