Adaptive components in an Assembly

Following up on my blogpost about adaptive components and dynamo. I wanted to see what happens if I would put these components in an assembly. I took two of the thirty components and put them into an assembly and I added some annotations. Dimensions work fine, tags were behave slightly odd. They didn’t really place well, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a bit of manual editing.

I turned this one in to an assembly.

I changed the excel file (see this blogposting: Next I re-ran it through dynamo and everything updated. For the movie I made quite some drastic changes to the design parameters. The bridge got a lot bigger. What I did notice is that because of these changes some of the sections views were wrong. The adaptive component grew bigger than the positions of the section views could accommodate. This can also be fixed with a bit of moving around. 

The dimensions also stayed in the original location but the measurements did update. 

I don’t think that any of this should stop you from using this. Because the change I made to the bridge are so extreme. I increased the span from 45 meters to 60 meters. (roughly 135 feet to 180 feet)

Movie direct youtube link where you can set the quality to HD
Adaptive components in an Assembly

Adaptive components in an Assembly

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