Navisworks 2014 selection tree

A small tip today about something I ran into.

Perhaps you have noticed that when you select a selection set or search set in Navisworks 2014 your selection tree switches to the selection set thingy. (it used to be a tab but now they have changed the interface and you can’t really call it a tab)

See image: In this image you see me selecting a searchset and the selection tree switches to show which search set I have selected….. WHY?????

Personally I would like to see the standard tab from the selection tree when I select a searchset.

Fortunately you can adjust this behaviour. Go to the application menu -> click on the options button while holding the shift key on your keyboard. This will open the hidden Navisworks options.
Go to: Interface > selection tree > remove the tickmark by tab_on_current_selection

Restart Navisworks

something compleetly else and not relevant
These hidden options from Navisworks make me want to start searching for these hidden autocad snap settings that some drafters have seem to be able to activate. 🙂

Navisworks 2014 selection tree

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