Revit Object Visibility

Often during training I refer to post of myself where I have collected interesting things of Revit that are not so well explained in the course material. The following information was copied from Mostly from this post: and I also like to credit the user Aperte who had a nice workmethode for drilling down the problem.  I just combined it for myself so I can easily find it and use it. 

approach to solve visibility issues

Visibility ISSUE

I first tend to go to a 3D view where everything is turned on, loaded en unfiltered and with discipline set to coordination and switch detail levels. Is the object visible? Yes start by check 2, NO start by check 1

Check 1: Project Wide

  1. Collaborate > Worksets, has the workset been turned on?
  2. Links: Manage links, is the element in a model that is unloaded
  3. Links: The object resides on a work set that is not visible in a linked file
  4. The object style is set to background color
  5. The object is a linked instance with coordinates too great for Revit to handle
  6. The object is in a link that is not in its correct position
  7. The object is drawn in project A then project A is linked as an overlay in a project B, Project B is then loaded into project C.

Check 2: By View

  1. VG – Model Elements, has the (sub) Category been unchecked
  2. VG – Worksets, has the worksets been unchecked
  3. VG – Links, has the link been turned of
  4. VG – Filters has a filter turned of the object’s visibility
  5. View properties, is the object not visible at this detail level
  6. viewrange: Check the viewrange settings is it outside the view’s view range
  7. viewrange: The view’s far clip depth is not sufficient to show the object
  8. The object or category is temporarily hidden
  9. The object is being obscured by another element
  10. The object is part of a design option that is not visible in the view
  11. The object is set to not be visible at the category’s detail level
  12. The element is an annotation object and does not reside entirely within the annotation crop region
  13. The object’s phase settings or the view’s phase settings prevent the object from displaying in the view
  14. The view’s discipline is prohibiting the visibility of the object
  15. The object is subject to an element override, set to background color
  16. The object is constrained to a scope boxes that is not visible in the view
  17. The object is a mass, and ‘Show Mass’ is turned off
  18. The view’s scale is prohibiting the object’s visibility
  19. Something is really far away from the middle of the project and when the view is zoomed to fit, everything disappears

Check 3: By Family

  1. Check settings in .rfa file
  2. Has visibility been turned of in this view
  3. select geometry and check visibility settings
  4. The object is subjected to the yes/no parameter…

Check 4: By Object

  1. Activate the reveal hidden elements, select the purple object and unhide in view
  2. in case of level based elements check base constraint, top constraint and offset. Does those settings move the object out of the view range
  3. The object resides within a group (detail model) and it has been excluded from the group
  4. The object has one or more of its edges overridden to display as ‘
  5. The object’s host view has been deleted (area boundaries)
  6. Wall is subsumed by automatically-embedded curtain wall
  7. Element is white and its edges coincide with other objects. E.g., GWB ceiling in RCP.

Check 5: User´s sanity

  1. User has pressed “Delete” to remove from specific view….
  2. User has done something else that is not covered by this list and blames the program
Some would argue that you would have to start with check 5…. 🙂

Revit Object Visibility

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