Revit 2015 Wall schedule

In revit 2015 you will be able to schedule more wall parameters but be aware that the unconnected height might not always be what you want it to be.

Notice the four walls they are all clearly all a different height.

Take a look at the schedule and you will see that 3 of these walls have the same unconnected height.

  • The yellow wall is attached to the floor above
  • The green one has it’s profile edited
  • The blue one is a regular wall between to levels
  • The red one is like the blue wall but has a negative base offset and a positive top offset
Unconnected height is: 

distance between (Bottom Constraint + Bottom Offset) + 
(Top Constraint + Top Level)

This means that the unconnected height does not have to be the same as the physical height. 
Revit 2015 Wall schedule

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