IFC helping wall joins

A little while ago I wrote a tweet that I had some good use for using IFC in a Revit only environment. I promised to write a post about it so here it is.

We have the following model: An architectural file where all the walls are compound walls. The location line of the walls were set to core face exterior when they were drawn over the gridline.

Now we need to split up this model to an architectural file and a structural file because some other company is going to do the Structural walls. But we needed to have the split up model back in one file (in the beginning, later we don’t). Their are multiple ways of doing this and I will not cover them all. This time we are just going to compare 3 variants and the effects they have.

The first one I will just save the architectural file with a different name. Both parties will now have a file to alter to their wishes.

  • The structural file will most likely strip the non structural layers of the walls and rename the wall type. Perhaps he will replace the doors and windows with an opening family but that’s a tedious task.
  • The architectural file will most like move the location line to finish face exterior and strip the structural layer.
  • Next they can both link in each others model

The disadvantage of this method is of course to keep the opening in the structural walls I either have to keep the doors and windows or replace them with opening families. We didn’t really want to do that this time. We did the following:
  1. Create a 3D view in the structural file
  2. turn everything of except walls
  3. Export the current view only to IFC
  4. Import the file into a new Revit 2014 project
  5. Save as the new structural file
  6. Link this file into the architectural file
  7. Bind the link
Now I have structural wall in the architectural file that don’t interfere with wall joins.
The disadvantage here is of course the moment you are going to change door or window positions. But for either of the set-ups you would need coordination anyway.

If you add Revit 2015 into the mix you could also link the ifc file. I got some slightly other results that actually might have a nice bonus.
It’s the same IFC file but linked. Notice how linking the IFC file shows now these generic models togther with the openings. I have to check were these generic models are coming from. It might be the family or it might be the ifc conversion. It might become in handy in Navisworks. 

IFC helping wall joins

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