Revit linked files and worksets

Recently I had a model that kept turning of a linked file. I was bit curious what caused this behaviour as I was under the impression that I didn’t do it. Today I wanted to test something shortly with worksharing visibility in a linked file and I suddenly found out what was the cause of my earlier problem.

I made this very simple model with three worksets. I made these worksets names on purpose. (First of all I would like to point out that I never create worksets as if they are Autocad layers but for this simple test it is okay.

So what was the setup and what did I forget to do…

I have a file with a link. I selected the link in canvas and changed the workset to the one I called link_Wv
Then I turned of this workset Wall (bad name) and suddenly my link was gone… I select the link in the project browser and suddenly it became all to clear to me. I had changed the workset assignment of this instance of the link ( in the instance property window). I should have changed the workset assignment in the type properties of the link. 

So the proper setup for linked files in workset should be:
A workset for controlling the entire link and in case of multiple instances of that link you might want to create a workset for every instance of the link.

So if your linked file behaves erratic when turning of worksets, select the link in canvas and check the instance properties of the link and the type properties of the link.

An example with pics:
the link on a workset:

every instance on it’s own workset

Be aware the goal of this setup is to keep the load smaller for your computer and not to controle visibility.

Revit linked files and worksets

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