Revit make up your mind

I was busy again with shared coordinates the other day. To check something I had Revit’s decimals set to it’s maximum. I had to measure a linked Autocad grid and I wanted to know where things are going wrong.

I have this Autocad grid setup. Everything nicely spaced at 7200mm

I also copied this grid and rotated it. You see that also Autocad is subjected to mathematical rules so the dimension are of.  
Next I linked this grid into Revit
Autocad and Revit seem to agree. (The red dimension lines are from Revit and the black ones from Autocad)

What about the rotated one
Autocad seems to agree with it self but Revit can’t seem to make up it’s mind.

So far I was measuring Autocad lines in Revit. What about grid lines created directly in Revit…

I even tried whether it matters if you first create an orthogonal grid, copy it and rotate it. (it doesn’t matter)
Now this all may not matter much because it’s so incredibly small but it’s really odd that when you measure something in revit and you move your cursor around before placing the dimension line it matters where you click for the measurement.

This all started with someone mentioning to me that picking gridlines from an Autocad drawing is not a good idea. It’s better to create them native in Revit. I think I’ll agree.

Revit make up your mind

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