Fixing Revit warnings

Most of you have probably experienced this many times. You have to make a big change in the model and you get an big list of errors. Some of you might choose to ignore those completely, DON’T. 

Export the errors to html and and try to fix them one at the time! There are two nice tools that will help you a lot. One native from Revit and the second is a free extension. There are many more tools that can help you out. This is just one of them.

  1. install the Auto section box extension (it’s free) link: Auto section box
  2. open the saved html
  3. open a 3D view
  4. copy paste the id numbers into the select by id dialogue us ; between id’s
  5. don’t click on show but on OK
  6. click on manage tab –> auto section box set the buffer size (it takes the geometric extens of your selection and increases it with what you insert here
  7. OK
  8. There are your troubling elements
If you add the tools to the quick acces toolbar you save yourself some time and clicks.

Tools used:
Select by ID is located here
Paste the ID numbers
After installing, the Auto section box should be here: Add-Ins tab–> Coins
Set the buffer size
By the way this tool is also very nice for creating 3D detail views

Fixing Revit warnings

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