Navisworks reads pdf files

Autodesk has released a subscription app that will let you append pdf files to your project.

See download here: pdf files in Navisworks

When you have the app installed I notice a few things:

When you click the append button you will see this. 
This seems nice but if your first addition to a naviswork project is a pdf file it won’t let you add 3D files. 

If you first add a 3D file, for example a nwc from Revit, navisworks won’t let you add a pdf file. It says it has not 3D information. 

So how do you get them in both:
Got the project browser! There is an import button that will let you either import 2D or 3D. Once you have at least one 3D nwc file in, the append button starts to work again for 3D files. Any other pdf’s have to be brought in through the Project browser. You can find the project browser here: Lower right corner

When the pdf file is in take a look at the units and transform. The units are set to Inches……….. Leave it even if you have a metric sheetformat. Navisworks will import the file using the sheetsize. So you have to add the scale yourself. So change the scale and you can measure. It doesn’t snap on anything on the pdf so far for me. So you have to eyeball it. Don’t forget to add the scale value in both boxes. 

It’s a step forward but wouldn’t it be nice if you could mix pdf files and 3D files in the view canvas? Good old Autocad can read pdf files and snap to it. (if it’s a vector based pdf) So the knowledge is in the factory how to do it. Get these people to talk to eachother! 

I just tried to append some 3D pdf’s from various sources. They load but you only get a frontpage and no 3D model. 

Navisworks reads pdf files

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