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In my previous blog I wrote about trying to get project to link in properly when shared coordinates have been set and they do not match.

Revit has a very nice tool to report coordinates of a point. But you first need to have something there. I was looking for some sort of autocad like functionality of putting something you can snap to at exactly the right coordinates. Most likey it will be easy to do if you make use of the api and some c##. I am not so good with code so I thought let see if I can create a family who can do what I need.

I created this family called location marker. This family is meant to be placed at the project base point. If the values you need to put in are not to big then you could also place it at the survey point. 

The trick to this family was to be able to insert positive or negative values.
Dima Chiriacov blog about formula’s helped me out. In order to position the snap point I have to be able to insert negative values. But Revit length parameters won’t let you use negative values. But with Dima’s formula’s I can use negative values.

First a parameter looks if x > 0 mm then the next parameter  if(x_is_positive, 2, 0) gives me a value of 2 or 0
The same for the y value except instead of 2 and 0 it gives me 1 and 0
Next I add the results of the of the two above and they control which snap point becomes visible.

The next four images show screenshots of different xy values and it’s corresponding marker. (take a look at the right in the property window)

With this family I can put a mark anywhere in my project. This can help me out when shared projects coordinates have not been setup properly and models have not been modelled relative to the revit origin.

You should be able to download the family from here:
Location marker

location marker

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