Export Revit to nwc

Last week I was discussing NWC export settings when I was asked why I set the convert element parameters to all.Truth is that I actually haven’t looked into it and I just set it to all because I wanted it all.

So I had a check the other day. Apparently if you set the above export setting Convert Element Parameters to element you don’t get Revit type properties. Or at least not where I wanted them. Recently I had spend some time to create searchsets looking for specific assembly codes. These searchsets are looking for: (ignore the dutch words)

selectionset name=”28.20_hoofddraagconstructies – wanden en vloeren, algemeen (verzamelniveau)” guid=”002812da-1211-2802-3108-151219752812″
            findspec mode=”all” disjoint=”1″
                condition test=”equals” flags=”10″
                    name internal=”LcRevitData”>Revit Type
                    name internal=”lcldrevit_parameter_-1002500″>Assembly Code
                    data type=”wstring”>28.20

(pretty much all the < and > are removed from the above searchset otherwise it would not show here)

If I don’t convert element parameters all these searchsets don’t work!

So basically I need to convert all element parameters and properties. It looks like element parameters are Revit’s type properties and element properties are Revit’s instance properties.
My preferred setting are:

Export Revit to nwc

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