Using schedules for checking

A simple trick today.

Schedules in Revit are great. You may also use them to check to see if you comply to specific project demands. For example I am working on a project where one of the demands is to add assembly codes to every family type. 

A simple schedule will help you find the ones you may have forgotten. The schedule will also let you fill them in very quickly.

  1. Create a multicategory schedule
  2. add the following fields:
    1. Family and type
    2. Assembly Code
    3. Assembly description (optional)
  3. do NOT include elements from linked files (You can’t add information via a schedule in a linked file you have to do that in the file itself, obviously)
  4. sort by: family and type
  5. uncheck itemize every instance
  6. Optional:
    1. filter by: Assembly code equals blank
  7. OK

  1. click in the empty cells on the little grey button 
  2. select the right one!

Using schedules for checking

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