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This post I have started to write some time ago. I have let it simmer in my head for a while to give it a correct angle. I am glad I did because new insights gave me better understandings and have given me a lot to think about. 

The story started with an email I got from the website . They had posted some new content and I had a look at it. My first reactions were of annoyance and I left a rating and comment that were less than eloquent. They contacted me and I explained why I was unhappy. They explained to me that they shared my views but that the customers were asking for this. Oh oh 

So customers are asking for this below. Why are you asking for this? Because of LOD 400+ ???  Please do ignore the brand name because that’s not what this post is about.

This sort of content could become extremely expensive if you use it in a project. (please still ignore the brand name because it’s not them that makes is expensive)  If you add this to your project you are probably also adding other content like this to your project. Why does it become expensive? Content with manufacture like detailling will most likely slow down Revit projects extremely. Therefore you are waiting and waiting for Revit to respond to your commands. You will lose valuable time and money. 

I see so much content like this from many manufactures in Revit projects. When I look at the 3D it’s a very nice model. I love highly detailed 3D models, but not in my Revit projects. Just because I don’t want it in my Revit model, does not mean I do not want it in my BIM model. (they are not the same as I see it)

My objections to this family for Revit projects are the following:

  • To much detail
  • Remnants of DWG geometry
  • A whole lot of family types and no type catalogue file provided
  • Capitals in parameter names not compliant to DRS but to EMCS
  • Shared parameters with the same name as native Revit parameters. (TYPE and CATEGORY)
  • Geometry not assigned to subcategories
  • Unnecessary use of voids
  • Lacking any zones for clearing, connection, maintenance and placement 
  • No bounding box
  • No use of coarse medium and fine or any other Visibility setting
  • No symbolic representation
  • Family name not compliant to DRS but to EMCS
  • No assembly code(although this might be on purpose to serve more countries) So you would have to add it yourself
  • Family parameters not compliant to DRS but to EMCS
  • Object styles
I have seen other families from and they sure now how to make good content. I think we ask them the wrong things. I talked to them and they are trying to comply to industry standards. Some of these standards are still shaping as we go. They are improving the content every day. It’s a lot of work and not easy because of increasing demands. 

I’ll try and write my next post about how to use lean revit content and create super rich BIM content in one flow. It will most likely involve Revit Navisworks and database connections.

Content to think about

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