Manufacture content

This week I received this model from a company to add to the revit model. I recieved it as a stepfiles. Right away alarmbells went of in my head. Stepfiles are generally created out of Inventor or similar programs. That often means way to detailed for Revit and no metadata. (Big disclaimer: the model itself looks fine to me. It’s just I have to think about Revit performance!) 

Just for fun I made a revit family out of it just to see how bad it would be.  I am not going to explain how I got it into Revit because that could lead to bad practises. If you want to degrade the performance of you projects you have to figure that one out your self. Below you see the stepfile opened in Navisworks. It’s nice, isn’t it?

In Revit: (not a good idea)

First not every panel came across. Also the family turned out to be 4.5 mb and it has no connectors or any usefull metadata. This got me thinking. How do I get a good performing revit model and a BIM model where I can also see the more detailed model. 

Of course If this is the content you get from your manufacturer you have to create a family yourself. In that family you could add a link to the the manufacture content. But where to let you point that link? The website of the manufacturer? That is probably not a future proof idea. You also what to avoid having to edit your families when changes happen. 

If you get the Revit files to Navisworks you can create a database link and add properties there. You can refere to all kind of extra information from the database without ‘polluting’ your Revit model.

Manufacture content

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