Revit family size

How big should a Revit family be allowed to be on disk?

It’s a bit of a difficult question to answer because size becomes arbitrary if it doesn’t fulfil it function. This might also wildly vary by Revit category.

Things to avoid:

  • DWG imports, or any other imports for that matter
  • Exploded dwg’s, converted to revit, copy pasted to a clean family can still contain many lines which hurt performance
  • Voids
  • Nested nested nested nested nested families
  • Unused parametrization
  • Create the uber family

Things to do

  • Use native Revit geometry
  • Purge, Purge and Purge
  • Consider who needs this information and what does (s)he need
  • Reference to information outside the Revit model
  • Fill in the metadata

So let’s start with a general rule of thumb, including lame cat images đŸ™‚

 lame cat picture
Between 0 and 212 KB
Really? That’s smaller than the smallest metric template

Between 212 and 512 KB
Well done, is it useful?

Between 512 and 1024 KB
Good size
Between 1024 and 2048 KB
It’s not allways easy to keep the filesize down

Between 2048 and 4096 KB
Uhh are you sure everything needs to be in?
Between 4096 and 8192 KB
It’s getting seriously heavy now. What are you trying to do?

Bigger than 8196 KB

What did you all import in this family?

There are many reasons why some families may be big but it’s just a reminder to check what size your families are. Your decisions might hurt project performance. Remember every kilobyte of file size roughly equals 20 Kilobytes of memory usage. 
Revit family size

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