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For a while now I have had a Logitech G13 gaming Keyboard.

I was playing with it the other night when I decided to see how Revit would respond to it. I got it working within seconds so I thought let’s have a go at creating a layout. The tricky part is that you suddenly have to start to think which keys do I use a lot and which one is handy where.
This is my regular setup

It is quite easy to move the keys around.
The M1 M2 and M3 buttons let me switch to different key layouts. So under M2 I placed a layout for detailing. All the green buttons I left the same between layouts as those are more general. I still have to experiment if the layout is nice but it will sure be nice to try.

I could share this layout with you if you like but I also have a custom keyboard shortcuts file.If You have a double monitor setup you can leave the logitech software open for sneak peaking.

Revit Gaming

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