Automate the creation of worksets

In my mail I got a nice blogpost about creating worksets with Dynamo. Written by, see this blog: JohnP

I download his package for Dynamo with the nice python script that does all the magic. I used his part and added the ability reading the workset names from an excel file. I made 3 sheets. One for every discipline. The only thing that I have to do manually is that I switch the wire if I want another discipline. (suggestions are welcome)

See the extremely complicated excel file you need to make…. 🙂 
(Another note, this will only work for Revit 2015 and R2 update and beyond)

The idea behind this is, that in this way you may avoid all kind of typo’s for your Revit project files.

Download the Dynamo file here. You might need to download JohnP node separately.

Automate the creation of worksets

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