Navisworks check for shared coordinates

If you are working with Navisworks and you get multiple Revit files from different companies and you want to quickly see if they have all set up the shared coordinates properly try the following.

  1. Set the selection set to properties
  2. goto item
  3. translation.X
  4. translation.Y
  5. translation.Z
If all the Revit files you receive are to use the same defined shared coordinates than you should see one value per axis.
Be aware that the values you see here differ from what you have put in Revit. (at least if you are working, like the majority in the world, in the Metric system)
That is because Revit has an imperial Engine and when revit files get converted to nwc the values should be treated as feet. Regardless of the values the most important part here is that per axis there should only be one value.

Also take a look at these other interesting values in Navisworks.
I have yet to figure out what the relationship between the rotation in Revit and the rotation value you see in Navisworks. But the most important part here is that it’s only one value!

Navisworks check for shared coordinates

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