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Recently I received a family that was behaving strangely. Before putting it in a project it was only 552 KB big. After adding it to a specific project it and opening it from that project and saving it as a new file it grew to 45.052. Although many would argue that filesize means nothing I still thought this to be odd. I closed the project and I only opened this lovely family. Take a look at the screenshot of my memory usage.

After asking question I learned that people were using different builds of Revit 2015. It’s always been advised to make sure that people who work on the same project use the same build.

You can use the journal files from Revit to find out which build has been used.
Typically you should be looking for the 3rd and 4th line:
‘ Build: 20151007_0715(x64)
‘ Branch: RELEASE_2016_SUNRISE

‘ Build: 20150511_0715(x64)
‘ Branch: RELEASE_2015_SUNDIAL

Notice that Revit 2015 and 2016 both start with 2015 I assume that it’s the date of the latest patch.

Besides those build numbers it might in some cases also be good to take a look at the :< Document save history

This journal file indicates that the Revit project file has seen quiet a few of different builds of Revit.

     ‘ 7:< Document save history –> :
     ‘ 7:<   Revit 2013 2013 (2013.000) : 20120221_2030(x64)
     ‘ 7:<   Revit 2013 2013 (2013.000) : 20120716_1115(x64)
     ‘ 7:<   Revit 2013 2013 (2013.000) : 20121003_2115(x64)
     ‘ 7:<   Revit 2013 2013 (2013.000) : 20130531_2115(x64)
     ‘ 7:<   Revit 2014 2014 (2014.000) : 20131024_2115(x64)
     ‘ 7:<   Revit 2014 2014 (2014.000) : 20140709_2115(x64)
     ‘ 7:<   Revit 2015 2015 (2015.000) : 20150127_0715(x64)
     ‘ 7:<   Revit 2015 2015 (2015.000) : 20150303_0715(x64)
     ‘ 7:< Document save history <-- p="">
This family ended up with a more than 6500 standard materials in the file. I did manage to purge it but it took 4 hours for the analysis part of the purge commando to finish.

I was refered to a German site for instructions and a download to do this for you:
delete standard materials
Put it through google translate and you should get it to work.

Revit builds

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