Revit warnings and Dynamo

When I do Revit Project Health Check I tend to do a whole section on how warnings in your model are bad for all kind of reasons.

Some of these warnings are easy to fix and others are tedious to do. Fixing them right away as they occur is the preferred way.

I was looking at this one model with these warnings:

Although the duplicate marks is not a very severe warning it’s still a good idea to fix it. Notice in the image below there are 1136 warnings atm.

So I was wondering can I fix these warnings with dynamo without using excel. So I set out and indeed it’s possible. 🙂
Here is the script:
For the different categories and warnings you will want to change this one
and this one (the parameter name)
Notice that I concat the numbering with a string here. You may want to change that to your company standards.
The whole script

Less warnings!

So for this project I have to run this script a couple of times. Choose different categories and maybe different parameter names.
the script: dynamo script
Revit warnings and Dynamo

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