Revit and Fillets

If you were thinking about these when you read this title then I suggest you go and have dinner first.

If you have ever played around in the family editor and you have tried to create a filleted shape in Revit you know you have a few challenges to overcome.

Let’s say you would want to create a triangular column with some filleted edges. See image below, the filleted edges, on one side, are numbered.

From close up this would look like this.
If you create this shape in Inventor or Fusion it is relatively easy. (btw I have had some interesting results in FormIt as well)Here is my very simple Inventor column with fillets. But I have moved the end of the part before the fillets.

If you export the column, you can create a sat file without fillets. (I will use this for either a medium or coarse level of detail)

Move the end of the part after the fillets and export the shape again with a new name and you have a SAT file with fillets for the fine level of detail.
Import both SAT files into a Revit structural column template. Explode both SAT files and next assign visibilities to the two shapes. 
If your column does not have to be parametric this works fine. If you do need it to be parametric than I am going to refer to my next blog post. The SAT files without the fillets can be constrained to p.e. the level quite easily. The filleted shape doesn’t want to do it for now. But there are other methodes for this. More later.
Revit and Fillets

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