Dynamo for Custom interoperability

A while ago I read a nice blogpost about how someone wasn’t to happy about the IFC format and that he thought the way forward for interoperability is for software vendors to write direct file readers for each others fileformat. Naturally this idea received a warm welcome from the IFC community. I liked the idea at the time but I did see trouble regarding all the different software versions you would have to deal with.

Nowadays when you link or import data into Revit you pretty much get a blob of data. Take it or leave it. The amount of control you have when selecting a dwg is rather limited. Sure, you can select which layers you want but it’s still a bit of a blob. You are dependant of the quality of the dwg.

Linking IFC files isn’t any better. You get a blob of data.

Pointclouds, a blob

Linking database, probably with the right queries, it is a lot better but I haven’t done this in a while.  

The Bridge modeller extension was already a nice step forward regarding what kind of data you would want to get in Revit.

Most likely, there are many more extensions that will let you get specific data from other files. But that is not what I want to write about today. It dawned upon me that with the way Dynamo is going we are moving towards what I call custom interoperability. You will create the future interfaces between different data sources. Because you know what you need for your projects. Dynamo is getting better by the day to allow you to get the data you need in the format you need it. That is why I like dynamo so much! After AU I will write about some examples of this.
Dynamo for Custom interoperability

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