Upgrading Revit Project files

Find the differences

This can be a fun game. But an important part of the game play relies on the fact that the author will tell you before hand how many differences there are. When you don’t know the amount of differences it becomes annoying quite quickly.

Navisworks has a compare functionality that works very well but shows the results in a rather tricky way. 

That is a pity because a tool to help you find out what has changed in a file from one version to another is a real time saver. I have seen people placing “Change masses” in Revit to indicate where something has been changed. That system heavily relies on the user not forgetting to place that mass and fill in a comment. That is right away my biggest objection against that system. It’s time consuming and prone to error.

Most likely, at the upcoming AU2016, you will get to see and hear of a lot of project Fluent. Project fluent is all about finding the differences between different versions of the same file.

This week I have been looking into it, to see if this can be used to compare the differences between a 2016 file and an upgraded to 2017.1 version of that file.

After loading the tool showed me this window: 

Ignore the 33 added, those are entourage and of my own doing, most likely. Modified is what I am most interested in. The changes are further sorted in changes in shape, transformation and property values.

The shape changes are sometimes a bit tricky to see or find. 
Although small, this mullion is rather obvious:

But a whole lot of doors have changed
It took me quite a few times clicking on version 1 and 2 to find out what changed here.  Trust me when I say there is a very small change.
This change is rather odd as this should not have happened. But at least we have found it. We could open this door in the family editor to see what has happened.

Other changes are properties.  Most likely here we see a new property appearing in Revit 2017 that wasn’t there before.
Structural Framing
Overall I like how the tool shows the differences for the model elements. 

But with upgrading your model you would definitely want to know if your views or sheets have been changed.
for this upgrade there seemed to only be one change found on the sheets.Therefor I decided to fake it a bit and add some changes to a newer version. Just to see what it finds. Unfortunately it didn’t find any.
That is a pity for the time being but I am going to check with the team to find out what is the case here. One other think I would like to see come in is the navigator / project browser you get when you view your file from A360 team / Fusion Team website. 
So maybe the tool isn’t ready yet for reviewing upgraded files but I love it anyways because it’s great for reviewing changes. 

If you want to try yourself go here: Project Fluent


Upgrading Revit Project files

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