Revit Bridge categories

Recently I was playing with a script, in Revit 2018, that gets all the Revit categories in a model. I was actually trying to see if I could filter that list and see if I could get the model categories only. Most likely my my dear colleague now thinks yes you could do that with Python… 

But I am still struggling a bit with python so for me not yet. But as I ran this script I noticed something else in my list of categories. I suddenly saw these:

Bridge Abutments
Bridge Arches
Bridge Bearings
Bridge Cables
Bridge Decks
Bridge Foundations
Bridge Girders
Bridge Piers

Bridge Towers

New categories??? I started going through the UI but no luck. I couldn’t find them. I went back to Revit 2017 but I couldn’t find them there either. I started asking around internally and then I did get a confirmation that these are new categories but they are not exposed in the UI. Only API users can access them.

Most likely these categories are added for the interaction of Revit and Infraworks. Now that you know that they are there make use of them! Would be interesting to see if one could create a loadable family that makes use of these categories.

Revit Bridge categories

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