Dynamo group colours

When you create a group in Dynamo you have only a few colours to choose from. It would be nice to have a few more or make them a little bit more distinctive. The interface won’t let you but it is possible to do.

Dynamo dyn files can be opened with a text editor. There all kind of interesting things you can modify but let’s focus on the colours:
The group called FUNCTION can be found. (in my dyn file) by the header: Dynamo.Graph.Annotations.AnnotationModel

but more practically look for the text you filled in! At the end of the line you should see: backgrouund (yes with nice typo)

it’s all about backgrouund=”#FFFF0000″

FFFF0000 = are hex codes for colours. The formatting is: ARGB (#AARRGGBB) meaning the first two define the transparency and the other 6 are the colour.

Hex Opacity Values
  • 100%=FF = Fully Opaque
  • 95%=F2
  • 90%=E6
  • 85%=D9
  • 80%=CC
  • 75%=BF
  • 70%=B3
  • 65%=A6
  • 60%=99
  • 55%=8C
  • 50%=80
  • 45%=73
  • 40%=66
  • 35%=59
  • 30%=4D
  • 25%=40
  • 20%=33
  • 15%=26
  • 10%=1A
  • 5%=0D
  • 0%=00 = Fully Transparant

For picking a colour I found this website to be nice: rgb-to-hex
copy the Hex code and put it in.
so 50%red =  #80FF0000

Be aware even if you put these colours in manually you can’t select them from the UI. If you want specific groups to use this colour you are going to have to copy the group and add or remove nodes to it.

Dynamo group colours

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      That really depends, it takes a bit of testing. Don’t go overboard with the colours. šŸ™‚


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