Dynamo Scripts

If you develop scripts like me then after a while al lot of nodes are showing their results. (Dynamo < 2.0)

(Image from dynamoprimer)
When it’s time to tidy up you might want to close them all and that could become a tedious job when you have a lot of nodes. Since you are automating. Open you script in a text editor like Notepad++ and do a find and replace on: isPinned=”true” and change it to isPinned=”false” 
For Dynamo 2.0 and higher it seems all you have to do is change this to first open to close:
Next tip: Packages (Dynamo < 2.0)
If you are missing a package and you do not know which one. Do a search on Function=
Quite often you will be able to see which package it is in the text close to function. 
For Dynamo 2.0 and higher Find: ConcreteType
Look for stuff that is not DynamoCore
Dynamo Scripts

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