Over the summer I have been developing Dynamo scripts based upon the CivilConnection package developed by Paolo Serra from Autodesk. We are helping a customer creating and updating views for a tunnel project. 

  • The alignment is not yet fixed in position. 
  • The tunnel segments need to be modelled in Revit. 
  • The sections and floor plans have to follow the alignment. 

The CivilConnection package allows us to directly read the information from the Civil 3D file and work with that information in Revit. (We read the corridor information and use the baseline.)

In the movie below I test the scripts on a different dataset and it works. When the alignment changes, the views update and all the annotations remain. Below a screengrab movie of the script on a different dataset.

The OTB nodes won’t allow us to read the Civil 3D information and the OTB nodes tend to recreate the sections and so loose all the annotations. 


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