Levels and Grids

Recently I received an email from Autodesk with Revit tips. One tip caught my eye right away: Turn all Level and Grids off in linked models in your entire project
Although the tip is fine and well explained I must say I do not favour this methode. For many years I tell, and many others, to Revit users, not to use Worksets for visibility purposes.

If you want to turn of Levels in a linked file you can do this with a filter. If the models are properly setup than you can use these parameters to filter upon.
Building Story and Structural are good parameters to use.

So basically you will turn of levels based upon parameter values:

Grids do not have this option, Grids only have few parameters. I tested what happen if would assign levels and grids to a scope box in the host model.  I could only get it to work if the filter setup was: See image below.
If I was filtering for a specif Scopebox name only found in the host model it would not work.(bug???)
What does work but is less elegant:
If you change the name of your levels and grids slightly you can filter on that. (In the example below I added DGi to the name of the levels and grids)
So the filter option might be a bit more tricky to get it to work for you but it when done right you only have to set it once. You don’t have to traverse 20 linked files…. 
Put the filter in a view template and you are flying!

Levels and Grids

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