Defining Sites for Shared Coordinates

Recently I was setting up a BIM 360 project, making use of the Design Collaboration Module. One of the things that I wanted to accomplish was this:

Everything went fine up the point of trying to publish shared coordinates to one of the linked files because I ran into this dialogue:

So you can’t publish coordinates from the host to the linked files. It will allow you to acquire coordinates from the linked file. What if you have just set up the Unique Reference File with Shared Coordinates, levels and Grids and you would like to publish these to all the discipline files. Of course you could open the discipline files individually and link the URF file and acquire the coordinates. You will most like have to do this anyway for setting up the Copy/Monitor of the levels and grids. So yes this does not have to be a problem.

Defining Sites is something I haven’t looked into for a long time. I never really needed them, I always got my projects in the right location in Revit, Civil3D and Navisworks. (Infraworks is another beast, but I am very close with that one)

If you define sites then there are some nice benefits especially if you do this with dynamo and excel.

Sites capture the Project Base Point values and allow you to switch between them. (I haven’t checked the survey point values, because I, normally, don’t touch those in my method)

What to use Sites for

Sites capture the Project Base Point values and allow you to switch between them.

Below is alink to a zipfile which has the rvt files and a dynamo file included.

Survey Point and Sites

After testing I noticed the following: If you unclip the Survey Point, change the values, clip it again and next you mak another Site current then the Survey Point retains the same value for both Sites. In the projects I do, the Survey point Always represent the AutoCAD 0,0. So I never change the Survey point.

Defining Sites for Shared Coordinates
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