Dynamo Warnings

Most likely we all have had yellow boxes in Dynamo, and sometimes these warnings don’t matter too much as a later note will remedy this. But If you want to use this script with Dynamo player, you will see that the script has run with errors. If you know what the error is you know whether or not you should take any action.

If you are going to distribute your Dynamo scripts then most likely you will run into users… Users typically don’t read documentation, so they will contact you with questions. Although RTFM would be a legitimate response, you will most likely not get away with it.

Take, for example, this part of a script, the node from Clockwork gives me a fromRoom and toRoom value. But not every door needs to have this value. Due to following requirements of this script, it is import for me to maintain the data structure. Meaning I can’t use an IsNull FilterByBooelanMask solution.

Some of these typical warnings you might be able to get out with this trick. For the once who read my previous blog post, it is the same. Now in a more generic setting. (see image below) Both options will give you the same results, but the Function Apply can deal with nulls and therefore does not produce a warning.

Dynamo Warnings

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