I am busy with a dynamo script when I ran into an issue. I have a list of values and I need to add spacing values in between but this spacing value also needs to be added to the values. I have this list:

The values in this list above need to be come the valuse below. ( the logic here is: first value gets nothing, the second gets 3000, the third gets 6000 and so on.

An easy way of doing this is with a range and adding these values.

But it turns out you can do this as well with a few lines of python code

import clr
Segments = IN[0]
StairCaseWidth = IN[1]
result = []
for i,s in enumerate(Segments):
	temp = s + StairCaseWidth*i
OUT = result

The trick here, is ofcourse, the enumerate function. The first time the for loop starts the i = 0 which means that the variable temp gets the result of first segment + StairCaseWidth * 0 which gives 0.

The second time the loop starts, i = 1 which gives the 28000+3000.

The third time the loop starts, i = 2 which gives the 56000+6000

and so on

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