Cloud Based Project Delivery

Azoros foresees that companies will need to collaborate and delivery projects in a new and better way. Collaboration is now largely file based and sometimes model based. At some point we will move to element based collaboration. Autodesk is developing tools and a platform that enable Cloud Based Project Delivery. Azoros will help you adjust your processes and train your people on the job to transition your company to Cloud Based Project Delivery.

Cloud Based Project Delivery

What is Cloud Based Project Delivery?

Think of a virtual environment for a real world project site. In this virtual environment you will manage, design, analyse, communicate, coordinate, and construct a project before it is really build.

What will it do?

It will free you from sending files back and forth, tracking communication through disassociated platforms, manually converting files, checking for latest versions and loads of other tedious tasks. It facilitates and consolidates your communication streams!

How does it do it?

All the Project data is stored in a Common Data Environment (CDE). (Cloud Based) Software products like Revit, Infraworks and Plant 3D communicate through this CDE, organised in discipline specific groups.  Uploading and downloading information, version and revision are done automatically freeing up time for you to do what you are good at. Each group can share information with or consume information from the other discipline groups when planned. Based upon this shared information specific BIM uses can be executed.

What BIM use will it cover?

Model Authoring: 

Revit Worksharing, InfraWorks worksharing, Plant Worksharing, File Based Worksharing and Quantum Worksharing*

Change Management:

The system helps reviewing changes between the different iterations of the shared information. It shows you what is new, what has been changed and what is deleted. Element geometry is compared as well as its metadata.

3D Coordination:

The system automates clash detection by predefined Clash Matrices. This frees up time for Clash Resolution. The predefined clash matrix allows you to automatically prioritize clashes.

Design Review:

A web-based Large Model Viewer (LMV) enables stakeholders to communicate directly about the design. So no need for converting files, transmitting files, installing viewer software, making screenshots with comments, sending comments to recipients, tracking if comments are processed.

Field Tools:

Field management, Master Scheduling, Production Planning and Layout & Verification.

What will it let you do additionally?

  • Develop your own company or project specific solutions through the Forge API.
  • Add dashboards that give you insights into model development, 3D coordination and overal project status.

*Quantum Worksharing is working title and may change.

Where to buy this? It’s not about buying it’s about a road to take, a destination to go too and we would like to help you go and getting there!