Design Automation

What is design automation?

Design automation is to use programming logic to replace manual tasks. Design automation can be categorised into three main area’s:

  • Computational design for modelling purposes
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Interoperability workflows (import and export of data)

Examples of design automation

Design Automation
Design Automation examples

Design automation development

This is a service that we offer for a specific development for a project. This service has five stages:

  • Scoping
  • Development
  • Delivery
  • Integration
  • Support

These stages will help manage the scope and deliver development on time for production.

In short: We build it for you.

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Design automation training

Dynamo Training

  • Experience what Dynamo for Revit could mean to you
  • Learn┬áDynamo for Revit
  • Use┬áDynamo for Revit on your projects

In short: We train you.



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Company wide implementation of design automation.

This service focuses on how to successfully engage different disciplines and roles within the company to employ design automation.

  • How do you automate
  • What do you automate
  • How do you manage automation

In short: We help you implement design automation within your company.

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Design Automation Online

Examples of bringing the power of Dynamo to a web browser. Upload a script, share the script with stakeholders, allow them to adjust the variables to come to the best form.

Example Dynamo Online:

Generate hundreds of variants on the fly.

Instead of ‘playing’ yourself with all the variables let the power of the cloud create those variants for you. You filter the variants by your criteria and select the optimal one.

Example Project Fractal: